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SolidarityJustFraternity was funded in 1982 in Montreal/Canada...because of many people which where seriously hurt by lawyers. 1405 Rue Bishop, Montreal H3G 2E5 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Business plan October 1989 to December 1990 Oct. 89 purchases of 14.800 yarn from bankrupt $ 12.500,00 Oct. 89 rent 8625 Larenaie, St. Leonard/Mtl 3000m2 Oct. 89 to February 1990 $.1700,00 month $ 8,500,00 <$21.000,00> 500 boxes, grading, material etc. $ 6,000,00 Mar 90 shipping to Rio…………… $ 10.000,00 Mar 90 buy 1 container…………. $ 3,500.00 Mar 90 shipment to Rio – Sete Lagoas $ 10.000,00 Mar 90 rent one container and return to Rio $ 475,00 Mar. 02, 90 fly to Rio e travel to Sete Lagoas $ 2.000,00 Mar. 31, 90 travel to Rio for container $ 300,00 Apr. 90 organize Shop/business in Sete Lagoas $ 2.000,00 May 90 2000 kg/produce 6000 blouses $ 6.000,00 May 90 General Expenses… $ 1.000,00 <62.275,00 May 90 Sale in Minas Gerais 200 blouses $ 3000,00 Jun 90 2000 kg/produce 6000 blouses $ 6.000,00 Jun 90 General Expenses… 1.000,00 Jul 90 sale of 200 blouses in Minas/Parana etc. $ 3000,00 Jul 90 2000 kg/produce 6000 blouses $ 6.000,00 Jul 90 General Expenses… $ 1.000,00 Aug 90 2000 kg/produce 6000 blouses $ 6.000,00 Aug 90 General Expenses… $ 1.000,00 Sep 90 preparation and shipment of 23.000 bl. $ 6.000,00 Sep 90 trip to Canada 60 days $ 6.000,00 < $ 89.275,00> Financing…………… Associated Enterpr/Family 80.000,00 Herbert……………… 5.000,00 Efigenia……………sale of house which is problem 5.000,00 Sep 90 delivery of 23.000 blouses $12 to $20 $ 345.000,00 $ 255.725,00 Oct 90 shipment of 2nd container 10000 kg $ 4,500,00 Oct 90 purchases of machines $ 100.000,00 $ 151.225,00 Nov 90 import container ship to Sete Lagoas $ 3.000,00 Nov 90 sale of machines cost $ 80.000,00 $ 130.000,00 $ 278.225,00 Nov 90 2500 kg / 7.5000 blouses production $ 7.500,00 Nov 90 sale of 500 blouses in Brasil $ 7.500.00 $ 278.225,00 Nov 90 expenses General $ 2.000,00 $ 276.226,00 Nov 90 preparation of Planeta Verde land /seedlings $ 50.000,00 $ 50.000,00 Dec 90 2500 kg /7500 blouses production cost $ 7.500,00 Dec 90 expenses General $ 3.000,00 Dec 90 sale of 500 blouses in Brasil $ 7.500,00 $ 223.226,00 Dec 90 interest payments ¨$ 6.300,00 $ 216.926,00
Dec 90 taxes etc. payments $ 5.000,00 $ 211.926,00
Total………………………………………………… $287,074,00 $ 499.000,00 $211.926,00 $ 90.000,00 ============================================================================================= 2 - Business plan Jan. 1991 to Dec. 2000 Jan. 1991 in Bank/cash $ 211.926,00 Jan. 1991 loans to pay $ 90.000,00 Jan. 1991 2500 kg/ 7500 blouses $ 7.500,00 Jan. 1991 General expenses $ 3.000,00 Jan. 1991 sale blouses in Brasil 200 $ 3.000,00 Feb to April 2500 kg/7500 blouses $ 7.500,00 Feb to April preparation of 28.000 blous. $ 12.000,00 Feb to April General expenses $ 10.000,00 May 1991 trip to Canada $ 2.000,00 May 1991 consignment of 28.000 bl $ 364.000,00 $ 536.926,00 May/Oct 91 expense in Canada $ 30.000,00 May/Oct 91 expenses in Brasil $ 12.000,00 May/Oct 91 sales in Brasil $ 50.000,00 May/Oct 91 traveling ……… $ 10.000,00 May/Oct 91 Members Planeta Verde Coop 500 members in Canada $ 25.000,00 May/Oct 91 sales in Brasil $ 50.000,00 May/Oct 91 goods to sell in Brasil $ 30.000,00 Nov/Dec 91 prepare 10.000 x 25o gr. Café $ 20.000,00 Dec. 91 ship to Canada 2500 kg coffee $ 5.000,00 Nov/Dec 91 plantar 50.000 trees $ 50.000,00 Nov/Dec 91 plantar Bananas etc greenhouse $ 20,000.00 Nov/Dec 91 expenses general $ 6.000,00 Nov/Dec 91 200 members in Brasil $ 4.000,00 $ 502.926,00 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total $ 225.000,00 $ 496.000,00 $ 707.926,00 $ 90.000,00 $ 211.926,00 . ======================================================================================== With $ 500.000, working capital we can obtain long term loans of $ 5.000.000,00 (at 4 % interest years = $ 200.000 Yearly interest, which allows us to organize 100 hectares greenhouse to produce vegetables and fruits and Medical plants which allows us to make gross profits of $ 1.000.000 to pay the expenses and the interest and allows us to plant the trees which we programmed and in 2000 we can stared to harvest about 10000 trees year for year value about $1.000.000,00 and be able to publish and help to plant more forests. The Planeta Verde Bericht Reporter is the important voice of Planeta Verde Cooperation NPO, which will Open the doors, to obtain support to plant forest and to induce to plant forests. And practice we will plant forest about 1500 forests = 1.000.000 trees but the earth Needs over Hectares forests…. To save our atmosphere and the Ozone layer, two elements which are essential for the life on earth. Efigenia Abreu Nunes e um important part of this program, since she knows Brasil Speaks the language and likes to be useful for her patria and agree to live halve year in Canada and half year in Brasil…. See page No 3 business plan for 1992 to 2000….. 3 - Business plan Jan. 1991 to Dec. 2000 May to Nov 1992 to 2000 in Canada work for Planeta Verde Coop…. 1. Member ship increase to 5.000 x $ 50 membership, 2. Deliver Planeta Verde items like T-Shirts, coffee, 3. Franchise in Winnipeg, Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, head office in Montreal, 4. Publication of Planeta Verde Bericht Report 200.000 copies yearly, selling for $ 5,00 on newspaper stand; 5. Obtain support from Governments to publish about environment and to plant forests, Nov. to April 1992 to 2001 work for Planeta Verde Coop in Brasil, 1. Membership increase in Brasil to 2.000 - $25 membership yearly; 2. organizer coffee, and T-Shirt and other products for members, 3. Obtain support form Governments to publish about environment and to plant forests, 4. partnership with small landowners which want to plant forests, but have no possibility, ~ In the year 2000 our aim is: 1 . publishing and distributing 500.000 Planeta Verdes Bericht Reporters…. In CANADA – Brasil – USA – Germany – Italy – Austria – Holland – Russia – Spain – Uruguay – Argentina – Paraguay – Columbia – Bolivia – Peru – Chile – Mexico …. And various other countries in Africa Europe – Asia and Americas… And induce the governments to plant forests. 2. produce on 10 hectares fruits and vegetables using Greenhouses as example for others, 3. total planted of 1.000.000 seedlings/trees… to planet about 1.500 hectares forests as example for others and are with partnership with numerous small landowners… 4. Be in touch with most of the governments of the world, to induce them to plant : FORESTS 5. publish Planeta Verde Bericht Reporter in the following languages: English – French – German – Italian – Spanish – Russian Montreal, the 22nd of August 1989 Herbert W. Stegmann Efigenia Abreu Nunes Stegmann Witness:
Traude Braun ...

See what happened after 1989.... write to
priorityforestmust@gmail.com and you will receive......

Temos o Honório a convida a Vocês a participar ao mais importante opera que homens devam fazer para mudar..Para salvar nossa terra. Anexamos imagem de um mais pacifica, mas importante personagem, que uma familia deles controlo mais de 20.000 hectares,tereno onde cupim e formige fazem um grande trabalho, para obter fertilidade do solo, sem danificar .....Ele controla sem matar outras vida, outra vida, que também e importante para nosso terra. 2. Mais.... Muito mais.... Aprende: abri: www.planetaverde.wikifoundry.com ... Nunca esquecerei – nunca arrepender ser – e sem dor- também tem escolhia a beneficiar de obter grande sabedorias......... somente abre se vocês tem 30 minutes para relaxar ...tempo para aprender que: Viçosa – Oxford – Princetown Harvard ou Goethe Universidades até hoje – não ensinam ... PRONTO???? Abre: www.planetaverde.wikifoundry.com SIM e coreto: em frente de todos !!!!outras assim importante é..... Mais uma coisa???? Muito interessante: para membros do Planeta Verde Association ONG somente.....abre website: www.ToBeOrNotToBeIsNowtheQuestion.wikifoundry.com Conclusão???.. Prioridades Florestas e = plantar florestas e seja parceiro, assiste publicar Prioridade Florestais Sabedorias No. 8017

1. ....... Some of the lawyers, instead serve their clients, just destroy them...what become easy because they now the clients problems.....Their is a Code of ethic of the profession of Notaries., but.... it seems to be only written and very difficult to be aplicated.....because the Chambre of Notairs should not allowe, but they are not open to take complains : against members . which rob their clients, for lawyers Barreau de Quebec,

Resumes :
999 - ................"What make and make life on earth possible"
1000 -... From the beginning to about 410.000.000 years ago"
1001 - From 410.000.000 years to about 17.000 years ago"
1002 - From 17.000 years to about 7000 years ago"
1003 - From 7000 years to about 500 years ago"
1004 - From 500 years to about 100 years ago"
1005 - From 100 years to about 30 years ago"
1006 - from 30 years ago to 2009 d.C."
1007 - from 2009 to the year 2100 d.C"
9001 - The crises from 2008 to ???"
9002 - ............................the earth;
9003 - How many people have comfortable room on earth?"

write to : priorityforestmust@gmail.com

Herbert made the claim of the terrible crime the Notary Robert Brabander has made, in frauding trusted $320.000,00 in cash , property of family. necessary to run the business, and necessary working capital to be able to fullfill in parte the over $10.000.000,00 orders from Europe and America obtained from clients of Herbert in Spain, France, Belgium, England, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Greece and USA and CAnada.... and Brabander also fraud over $320.000,00 in accounts prepayments of customers of Herbert, no businessman would touch this money and not send the merchandise payed for... not many customers prepay....only because they know Herbert as to be very honest - in part friends and customers since 20 years, and Brabander also robbed and never payed merchandise which suppliers from Lousianna, Minnesota, Ohio, and Ontario and Quebec send to the United Trappers of Canada...which Notary Brabander was trusted, and the fraud Brabander did, on the 18th of April 1980, when Herbert was on a Salestrip from 7th April to 2nd of May 1980, in Europe, and selling over $ 800.000,00 !!!! .................but…. The Barreau du Quebec, and the Chambre de Notairs did not avoid and stop this fraud, only called from year to year from time to time Herbert .... for more information…., they all where given in 1980/1981 to them, The Chambre de Notairs e so, the Barreau du Quebec... after some years... changed the investigating officer, and start all over again....... So it passed 27 years, and than they informed Herbert, that Notary Robert Brabander, was disbarred for 2 lifetimes, at bases of a claim made in 1989, they paid $300.000,00 to repair fraud of Mr. Fox and other`s, but they did not repair the Claim of Herbert… damages caused by the criminal Robert Brabander, was over $100.000.000,00……in sales, Herbert could only make about $10.000.000,00 until the Fur Industry was closed because of asian cheap merchandise... but more Brabander finger to divorce from his wife original from Finland, normaly very nice people, , and in the divorce he mentioned that he owned only the House in Westmount, which he purchased in 1980 for about $80.000,00 (value in 1992 over $350.000) using the money he fraud from Herbert and Family and customer and suplliers of Herbert, (he did not mentioned the money he robbed from his clients, and the pending law suits of over $20.00.000,00 and the wone which Herbert started in 1982 . (17 clients suite him and his companies in fraud = J.Paul Robert and lawyer Francine Champagne) and deposit in Bahamas and in Florida, his wife moved to Main-USA and worked again as a nurse,,, and also Robert Brabander moved their to Main after he was disbarred.... In 2007 he was back in Lachute/Quebec ) J.Paul Rob... was the brain, he fraud in 1973-1977 many people in St. Hubert.... but other lawyers respect him, because he was .....rich!!.. J.Paul Robert.... because he he was a lawyer, he was disbarred only for 10 years, and Francine Champagne.......e which married Willy Se....ay, the guy to whom Brabander transfered in 1980 over $180.000,00 (clients prepayments and suppliers money, as stated and proved to the Fraud department and in the autos and to Barreau and Chambre of Notaries...also Brabander payed in April 1980 $ 50.000,00 from the trusted money, to a Crown Prescuter in Montreal, which kept the fraud Department away from Brabander),
Which so much crime??? … the law prescribed for them = life time prison…. The Barreau of Quebec just said, that Francine she is not anymore a LAWYER… but she did the crim as lawyer.... Code of ethic of the profession of lawyers, and they can do nothing.... but.... fraud in this magnitude is crime to be punished...... Herbert made the claim in 1980, He was called every year for more information….he has given all in 1980/1981... So it passed 27 years, and than they informed Herbert, that Notary Robert Brabander, was disbarred for 2 lifetimes, a bases of a claim made in 1989, they paid $300.000,00 to repair fraud of Mr. Fox and other`s, but they did not repair the Claim of Herbert… damages caused by the criminal Robert Brabander, was over $100.000.000,00…… Sales between 1980 and 2006 - gross Profit between 20 and 30 %. Francine married Willy Se.....ay to whom she paid our and our clients money in 1980 over $180.000,00 (clients prepayments and suppliers money,), … Are we not all equal in front of the Law???
The carrier of Herbert : Herbert was well trained as Fur dealer and Fur Trader, he was educated from 1956 to 1974 ,in Frankfurt/Main - Windhoek (SWA now Namibia) - Stockholm/Sweden - Amsterdam/Holland; London/Great Britain; Zuerich/Switzerland; Milan/Italy... and was invited in 1973 from the Government of Quebec and Canada to help to create a better Fur-industry in Canada. Herbert moved with his three kids Andreas (8) - Stefano (6)- Denis (0) Herbert needed a Notary and the Consulate recommended him... the Notary Robert Brabander of Montreal, as legal adviser and Trustee.Brabander seemed to be, at prime vista, a nice guy... but he was not, he was a crook at this time has fraud just many of his clients, nobody told to Herbert.... Brabander assisted to incorporate the Company United Trappers of Canada, for Herbert and Herbert´s famiy and get paid with cheque $3000,00 for this service, .... and became Trustee since 1978.for Herbert and family... 1978 he acted Honourable.... 1979 he took without to inform the owners ...$60.000,00 money out of the Company and paid his bills.......and than 1980 in absent of Herbert a sales trip in Europe....Herbert sold from 10th of April to 20th of April over $800.000.00 and delivered the goods, and came with orders of over $5.000,000,00 back to Montreal. Robert Brabander instead served himself by apropriating in debt ..he .. took $320.000,00 in cash from the trusted account and also merchandise, and sold for simbolic $3,00 the trusted Company with bookassets of over $700.000 to some americans of Pennsylvania, after he took the $320.000 in cash out and make the company attractive with the $ 400.000 assets, to make to pay to Brabander additonal 3 new cars and k$ 50.000,00 , other $ 50.000,00 cheque to the crownprosecuter kept the Fraud Department of Montreal away.... But......the incredible act of bad faith was done by this professional gangster..... Brabander had sold for $3,00 the company United Trappers of Canada, which he holdet in Trust for Herbert and family - to supplier's from Pennsylvania..... before he had taken out over $320.000,00 in cash and also had paid a cheque of $50.000,00 to a Quebec crownprosecuter/lawyer "Saint C.." to keep the fraud police away.... and obliged the buyers from Pennsylvania to pay for 3 new cars and $50.000,00 loans he had made for themself in the Bank. Herbert came back and was through-en out from his own company, by his "friend" Notary Robert Brabander . The first think Herbert did, to care to full-fill the orders, customers like W.Spremberg, Hamburg had sanded $36.000,00 prepayment for muskrats to be delivered enter 14 days, Foggensteiner, Wien had send $16.000,00 prepayment for Opossum to be delivered, Bartels, Amsterdam had sanded $100,000.00 for merchandise to be delivered (Herbert delivered $40.000,00 direct from New Orelans, Lousianna); Arosio, Milan had send $ 5000,00 prepayment; Antogini, Ancona had send $14.000,00 prepayment, Farolfi, had send $ 10,000.00 prepayment, suppliers had send merchandise for sale; as old friend Henry Champagne, Cut Off -Lousianna; Four Season, Toronto; Louis and Maurice Trahan, Montreal; and from Ohio - Minnesota - Pennsylvania - Lousianna - Main - Quebec - Ontario total $ 366.850,00. Merchandise was sold, and the money in Hand of the Gang Brabander-Rob...... and Cham..... Cham.... paid in March/April 1980 to his husband $180.000,00 in various cheques, they paid 3 new cars value about $ 70.000,00 , they fraud over $600.000,00..... Herbert´s long years friend Werner Loh, Frankfurt/Main (friend since 1956) consigned to Herbert US$24.718,00 to send muskrat skins, Herbert borrowed money and send to Werner Loh - Henk - and Spremberg US$ 60.000,00 of goods. Brabander, friend of Friedmann, at Lufthansa seized the goods at Lufthansa, and Herbert obtained after a few weeks release from a Judge in Montreal - the merchandise left than to Werner Loh-Frankfurt; Spremberg-Hamburg; CBM/friend Henk, Amsterdam..... but Herbert was unable to supply the $5.000.000,00 orders he had, The gelos Vincence Carpentieri son, Antonio ...... from New York, distributed in Europe, that Herbert would be a gangster, which get prepayments and did not deliver (sworn and signed by the Notary Robbbernd Brabander, as Notary and also Carpentieri made a statement's signed by a Consul of Canada in Frankfurt/Main) = professional crooks planed and executed........ many fur-dealers, which know Herbert since 1956, did not believe it, and Carpentieri made himself a bad name, but the friends and clients of Herbert become carefully, were carefully , they did not wire any more hundred-thousands of dollars to Herbert,after a phone-call of Herbert, which used to call from 3:00 AM to 6:00 AM from Montreal o Chicago o New York o Colorado o Minnapolis o ST> Louis o where ever he was, to save 75 % on phone-calls and used to sell every early morning much over $ 50.000,00 to Sweden - Denmark - Holland -France - Switzerland - Austria - Italy - Spain - Germany - Belgium - England - Germany o to Canada and in the USA......... But customers and friends still came to Montreal, and travelled with Herbert to buy and they paid -Direct to the Fur-dealer in Pennsylvania, Main, Minnesota, Louisiana, Arkansas, Montana, Utah, Nebraska, e others States, Herbert was know in 48 States. Herbert published 5000 Copies of Northamerican Fur Report from 1978 to 1988 and send to 5000 Furdealers.... Because of the lamentable act of bad faith, of breach of trust by a Notary and criminal intentional plant fraud. Sergeant Keays from the fraud department in Montreal, instead to help, was friend of Saint C.... and did not investigate, and bring this gangster to Justice, but caused Herbert problems. Herbert discovered numerous other fraud against people of Quebec and overseas, 1990 total over $25.000.000,00 only the court-cases against Brabander and compania J.Paul Robb..... and Francine Cham.....they suit hundreds of his clients, for fees and honoraries they never did earn, only because the German Consulate, and others recommended the Notary Robert Brabander...which speak German-English-French.... and than they dealed with the skins of their customers taken them money, peace and the skin of their victims
Soon more of this true story: Larry Haesley from and Frank Drahos from Pennsylvania which mixed Florida Otters (value $6,00) and Raccoons (value $3,00) and Grey Foxes (value $3,00) and Muskrats (value $0,50 to $1,00) with those of Pennsylvania Value 500 to 800 % more, brought to Canada and in absent of Herbert The Trusty Robert Brabander on the 18. Of April 1980 the Company United Trappers of Canada, owned by Herbert and Traude Braun, and Andreas and Stefano and Denis ….for $ 3,00 (Brabander robbed before in cash $320.000 and also additional merchandise) and…….brought this Florida merchandise to Canada (bought for $3,00 a skin sold for $ 25,00 to United Trappers of Canada and shipped this goods for $28,00 to customers of Herbert…. which opend many lawsuits, because between $100,00 bill and $ 5,00 bill is a different the same as between a skin from Canada and from Louisiana or Florida!!!~ They declared in 1982 bankrupt fraud 100.000 thousands to Fur dealer and clients. The Fraud Department of Montreal, was controlled by the crown prosecutor lawyer Santo C....... and caused problem’s to Herbert…. Instead to prosecute Brabander-Robb.... and Champ…….. Herbert sold from Jan. to April 1980 over $1.500.000,00 = grossprofit over $300.000; after the fraud from May – to December 1980 Herbert only could sell a little over $ 300.000,00 , instead mais de R1.500.000,00 merchandise dealers had reserved for Herbert., all the friends and clients which know Herbert since 1956 or for many years, did not believe Vincenc Carpentieri, which run around in Europe, with a writing signed by Notary Robert Brabander, that Herbert would be a notory thefe, getting prepayment and than.... do not deliver!!!!!....Vincenc Carpentieri - from New York hurt much people, and hurt much himself with this laies.. but also Herbert and his business. Herbert fundet in 1981 Trappeurs Unis du Canada Association, also Associated Enterprises of North America, and European-American Fur manufactures’ in New York, and had business in Chicago and Madison. Also funded Solidarity Just Fraternity in Montreal, account current at the Case Desjardin at the court house in Montreal. Herbert spend over $400.000,00 for legal fees between 1982 and 2006 and to solve the problems Brabander-Robb....-Champ... has caused….. Won in 1982 judgment of the wise Judge Pierre Pinard, in Montreal, which condemned the Canadian Imperial Bank of commerce to pay $ 24,800,00, for deposit of money which Herbert made in May 1980 in the filial of the bank in Frankfurt to wire to disposition of Herbert to buy Muskrat skins…. But Brabander cashed the money and the Bank refused to pay to Herbert, what is total breach of contract… but the Bank ,paid the young BRIGHT lawyer Pierre Bel......, went in Appeal (He said in December 1981 ..it will take Herbert 5 years to see a Judge and never will get the money)…he was right…. In 1984 the Appeal court of Montreal rendered the Judgment, that the honorable Judge Pierre Pinard was total right and ordered the Bank to pay the doublet about $50.000,00 …. They did not pay, after 6 month Herbert offers a Proposal to pay about 80 % of his debts to about 8 people with the $50.000,00 the bank was obliged by law to pay to Herbert…. The lawyer Pierre Bela...., made a false claim of $2500,00 of lawyers fees, and so J.Paul Rob.... and Francine cham..... for $1.800,00 The Trustee Guy nominated them as officer in the Proposal , the law would not allows, but the law set by-side.... and Paul Merschman and everybody lost the money..... the Trustee made it all........, Guy send also a fake Telegram, that Paul Merschman, of Iowa would be against the Proposal Paul was a day later in Montreal, and brought the original Telegram that he was for the Proposal, , would receive about $64.000,00 claims to Trustee surveyor and Bar of Montreal, was a waist of many time, they recommended the MAFIA to get the money. Code of ethic of the profession of lawyers, but.... rarely lawyers which rob their clients, get punished, Herert made the claim in 1980, to kChambre of Notaries and Barreau du Quebec, waist of many houres and more money, but…. He was called every year for more information…. So it passed 27 years, and than they informed Herbert, that Notary Robert Brabander, was disbarred for 2 lifetimes, a bases of a claim made in 1989, they paid $300.000,00 to repair fraud of Mr. Fox and other`s, but they did not repair the Claim of Herbert… damages caused by the criminal Robert Brabander, was over $100.000.000,00 in sales.... (gross Profit 20 to 30 %) …… In 1989 Brabander finger to divorce from his wife, original from Finland, and in the divorce he mentioned that he owned only the House in Westmount, which he purchased in 1980 for about $80.000,00 from the money he had in Trust proprietary of Herbert, (value in 1992 over $ 300.000,00) he did not mentioned the money he had in Bahamas and Florida.... he is a Notary and above the law..... Herbert was working than fkrom 1984 to 1986 for one of the finest furcompany, Herbert know, and he know over 2.860..... Global Fur of Montreal........ and Thomas Nakos paid every month without missing $7000 to $ 8000,00 to Herbert for Service as Fur Grader..... Herbert purchased the house in Rue Delmar - Point Clair - Montreal.... and worked untill the end of the Furindustry in Montreal in 1988... predicted by Herbert which published in 1985

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